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Veterans in Need

Homecoming for Veterans (HC4V) is dedicated to providing neurofeedback treatment for veterans in need with PTSD at no cost.

The HC4V Directory lists clinicians who are ready and willing to support veterans in need. All clinicians on our list provide neurofeedback services for veterans. Our clinicians have agreed to see at least one veteran at a time for a minimum of 20 sessions at no cost. They will keep a waiting list for additional availability. They have received various levels of training from different organizations and use a variety of protocols and adjunct therapies.

The clinician list is growing every day and is updated regularly; however, clinicians on the list may, for personal or business reasons, opt out of this service. Please be patient if the participating clinicians in your area are not able to take you immediately. You may also contact us any time – we will try to find you another clinician willing to help.

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When contacting a clinician please let them know you are interested in their Homecoming for Veterans program.

HC4V clinicians provide service to veterans - as space is available - who meet the following criteria:

  • Ability to provide discharge papers - discharge can be for any reason
  • Do not need a diagnosis of PTSD
  • Do not need to attribute their problems to a specific traumatic event
  • Do not need to have been deployed on active duty
  • Their military service created or worsened their symptoms
  • Do not need to have insurance to cover their neurofeedback